Thursday, June 13, 2019

We The North!

Day 16. June 13, 2019.

This morning I got straight to work when I woke up. It was the perfect weather day to paint. Not too hot and not windy at all.

First I had to wipe down the boat with a damp rag. This is to take off any dust, dirt and debris from the previous coat of paint.

I pulled out two of our biggest rags in the rag bag: Matt's old boxers. Perfect size and they did the job beautifully. 

It took me several hours to paint the hull completely but overall it was pretty easy. I will need an extra quart of paint to touch up a few spots and to go over the places where there will be a lot of potential growth: rudder, bowline and water line.

Matt was on homeschool duty this morning and then the kids had time to work on their projects with Gong Gong after that.

Matt was working on something that has been irking him for some time now, removing a bolt in the spreader. After trying multiple ways with multiple tools, the head of the bolt had come off and it seemed impossible to get the rest of it out without going to a machine shop.

Our boat neighbour, John (originally from Reading, UK!) had seen what was happening and offered to take Matt and the spreader to his house in Chester where they could try and remove this stubborn bolt with his tools there.

Not only did they successfully do that, John then took Matt to Home Depot to get replacement bolts and at the cash register, Matt only then realized he had forgotten his wallet back on the boat! So John paid.

All this happened after John had come onboard and offered his expertise in helping us understand our gas and propane situation.

Since the stove and oven is propane, it is vital we have all those systems checked beforehand.

Let me tell you, it is very handy to have a neighbour who works for Enbridge Gas and has a lot of knowledge about gas on boats and how it all comes together. Plus he was willing to spend invaluable time to explain the systems on our own boat to us! Unbelievable kindness.

In the afternoon, Tai and Gong Gong went to pick up our vinyl lettering for our boat name. We'll have to wait until we are in the water to stick it on since our stern (back of the boat) is stuck in the bushes right now and really hard to reach.

Aila was tired and I had just finished painting, so her and I did more of her Rocks Collection project, watched french shows, read, napped and just hung out at the b&b.

Dinner was a delicious take out buffet from Bridgwater's Superstore.

Must stop here. The Raptors are playing now and I think history is in the making!!!

Black on blue.

Morning school work. Note: Thinking Hats are on and a wall has been built to 
prevent distraction or sibling annoyance. Matt told me later they even started
the morning with meditation to put them all in the mood.

Our friendly neighbour John checking out our propane tanks for us.

 NBA finals game chart coming along nicely.

Freetime today: Paw Patrol.... En francais! 

Heating dinner in the laundry room. You can't see it, but there is a small microwave to the right.

 We The North!!!!

Project time. Organizing, labelling and charting the rocks we found yesterday at Hirtles Beach.

Today's journal entry. If Aila says she's tired, she must REALLY be tired! 
So I imposed a 5pm nap. She almost thanked me for it and went to bed willingly.

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