Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Discovering Mahone Bay

This morning I walked to a local yoga studio that had advertised about a class. I was desperate for a good stretch.

Unfortunately the class was cancelled because of low enrollment, they just hadn't updated the poster. Still, they let me stay in the room and do my own practice. Beautiful. All I needed was a bit of peace and quiet.

Later that morning we just happen to see one of the local marine electricians at the marina so we asked him to take a look at our mast connections.

He wasn't able to get to us until lunchtime because he was helping the Bluenose II boat remotely with their electrical issues.

But when he did come over, he helped us fix it all. Now we were ready to go!

In the meantime, we went to the local park to play on their play structure and throw a ball around.

On the way home we stopped by the Mahone Bay Museum. What a great find!

We spent the rest of the day getting the boat and ourselves ready to leave the dock tomorrow morning.

We filled up our water tanks, cleaned everything up, stowed things away, lashed everything on deck, charged every device we had, paid our docking fees and did a final shop at the Independent Grocer for fruit and veg.

Tomorrow we are off to Lahave River Yacht Club where we will pick up a mooring ball. We need to not spend more money than necessary and staying at a dock will kill your budget quickly.

By being at anchor (free) or on a mooring buoy (normally you pay but it will be cheaper than staying at a dock) you need to be self sufficient and have enough water for drinking and washing. 

You also need to be able to generate enough electricity for your own power consumption. We have mostly LED lights, a solar lantern we can use and a cigarette charger that we can charge our phones on. Of course you can just turn on your motor to charge devices, or the generator.

Tomorrow's forecast is calling for sun and light to moderate winds. Perfect!

Kam Wong will be joining us again on Friday for a few days and he is booked in at a motel in Lahave so we need to get there.

It's never good to sail to a schedule but tomorrow's forecast should be fine.

We did things backwards today with play first, then schoolwork after lunch.
Never again! Tai had a hard time refocusing on schoolwork and the
rule is nobody gets free time until BOTH of them are done their schoolwork.
So here is Aila trying to help her brother finish his work so she could get free time.

What's wrong with this picture?!

A park!! 

Another lost ball in the bushes. This time my long arms saved the day.

Boat building at the Mahone Bay Museum.

Cool cork boat Tai built at the Mahone Bay Museum.
HISTORY the goldfish at the museum.

Pit! One of the best card games ever! Seen at the Mahone Bay Museum.

Go Fish at the museum.

There's a sign outside this store that says
'Come in and try a free piece if fudge'. So of course we did

Our new motor.

Our trusty dinghy with new motor.

TV dinner watching Amazing Race Canada. Very classy.

Video call with the CBP officer in anticipation of our travels to the USA.
We applied online for this document and within two hours we had
received a request to do the video call right then and there!

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