Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Some Days You Just Can't Win

We had already decided early this morning that we would not be moving today because there was a thunderstorm warning this afternoon and quite a strong wind.

However even if we wanted to sail somewhere today, we wouldn't have left the marina before late afternoon.

It wasn't the weather this time that dictated our passage planning. It was a stubborn child who refused to do his schoolwork.

Tai was Mr. Grumps and would whine and complain and make excuses about everything and anything. In a small confined space, this mood quickly permeates the entire boat and all her crew members.

Needless to say, it was a painful day. After being off the schoolwork routine for a couple of days, it was not easy to get back into the groove.

Tai wrote such a brilliant journal entry yesterday, but today's effort (if you can even call it that) was absolutely dismal. After a lot of exasperated sighs, threats, bribes and finally a re-set in his cabin (we do this when we think a child needs to 'wake up' again and be in a better mood), there was STILL a lot of moaning and complaining.

But we did not relent. If we let them get away with one day of assigned work, then they know it could very well happen again. So Matt and I took turns sitting with him, helping and coaxing and trying to just get through it together. It was so painful. I wanted to jump ship several times.

How on earth do you make a child understand that their mood and negative demeanor is not helping at all?

The thing is, when Tai is motivated and interested in something, there is no need to supervise. He is off researching, reading and just trying to know everything about whatever the subject is.

Maybe we're being too harsh, I don't know. I don't have a baseline to judge with since homeschooling is all new to us.

What Matt and I do know and agree on (and thank goodness we agree!) is that there are things in life that we don't enjoy doing but that still need to be done. So besides the actual curriculum we are getting through, it is the work ethic that we are trying to instill. Sigh.

I'm just glad the day is over. Today has been more mentally exhausting than our rough passage yesterday!

Aila is not all sweet and innocent either. She has her moments and will grind her heels in sometimes. Today she knew to stay out of the way and not attract attention to herself.

Finally at about 2:30pm, Tai brushed his teeth and changed out of his pyjamas.

We walked to a nearby park with a pavillion and practiced throwing some mooring lines on the lawn.

Finally, we were having some fun!

Before bed we all promised one another we will wake up tomorrow in a more positive mood.

Let's see what happens.


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